Recycling and Bulk Center

Containers are provided to assist our community in disposing of large waste items and recycling waste. The Recycling and Bulk Center is located near the recreational facilities at the rear entrance of the community.

In the map below, the Recycling and Bulk Center is identified with the letter “R”.

Facility Map

The Recycling and Bulk Center is secured with an electronic access system. Hours of operation are 5:30 AM to 9:00 PM (Eastern time). Each home in Stover Mill is assigned an access card that is used to unlock the side (man) gate and the rolling gate. The card reader for each gate is located next to the gate.

Card Reader Locations

To access the center, simply touch the access card to the card reader and then operate the gate. The red light will flash green once and the gate will unlock. If the gate does not unlock, then the center may be closed or access has been removed from your account.

For safety purposes, it is recommended that you use the side gate instead of the rolling gate for recycling and smaller bulk items.

Side Man Gate

When the magnetic lock releases, the side gate will not open automatically. This gate has a spring installed to ensure it closes and contacts the magnetic lock. The tension of this spring and the residual magnetic effect on the plate will require a little effort to open when pulled from the outside or pushed from the inside.

The magnet lock on the side gate will automatically engage after a short period (about 20 seconds) following access card or release button use.

NOTE – There is a release button for the side gate inside the enclosure to the left of the side door. Gently press the exit button, proceed to the side gate and push it to open. This button does not unlock the rolling gate.

Rolling Gate

The latch of the rolling gate disengages when access is granted for large bulk items. The gate is not motorized and will not automatically roll open. Using the handle, the gate should be pushed open, in the direction of the basketball court.

WARNING – The rolling gate is heavy and may roll closed unexpectedly. Be sure to lower the securing post into the ground to keep the gate open. When done, raise the bar and rest its handle on the horizontal bar.

While closing the gate, roll it slowly until the lock and pin meet and engage. Rolling the gate fast and/or hard will result in misalignment and damage to the gate and lock.

NOTE – Make sure the gate latches when you close it. Do not rescan your access card to test. The gate must be opened then closed again if you scan your card, else the gate will remain unlocked and potentially allow theft of service. In such cases, the person that left the gate unlocked may be charged a fine plus applicable costs associated with the theft of service.

Important Notice

All persons utilizing the Recycling and Bulk Center are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible, courteous and safe manner, remaining in compliance with the rules and regulations of Stover Mill Community Association (SMCA).

Each homeowner is responsible for their access card and activities that occur related to its use.

  • Do not allow other people to use your access card and do not open the gate for someone else.
  • Make sure to place waste materials inside the appropriate container. Recyclable waste goes in the enclosed container near the side gate. Bulk waste goes in the open-top container on the left.
  • Do not deposit hazardous materials into either container or any dumpster in our community.
  • Do not leave any waste materials on the ground.
  • Make sure the gate is secure upon your departure.

Only current residents in good standing are permitted to use the Bulk and Recycling Center. Investor owners that do not reside in an SMCA townhouse may not use the facility, only their registered tenants are entitled to use of ordinary recycling and bulk purposes. Access may be locked 7-10 days prior to lease termination or sale settlement to prevent abuse.

Contact our property manager to report issues in utilizing the Recycling and Bulk Center.

Contact our waste removal company for information on permitted bulk items, recyclables and assistance with hazardous waste.

In Spring 2019, the Board of Directors drafted a letter which was mailed to all homeowners providing disclosure of operating hours and penalties for misuse of the facilities. Click Here to see the letter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a fine and a charge for costs?
Charges for costs are for actual costs incurred to the Community, including but not limited to paying resources for handling of materials, and disposal costs of excessive use and hazardous materials. Fines are penalty fees assessed for violations, above and beyond any actual cost charges.

If the gate will not open, what should I do with my waste?
Do not leave your waste on the ground, and do not throw it over the fence. Take it home and return another day.

Why is the recycling and bulk not unlocking?
There are several reasons that facility access may be shut off:

  • The containers are full.
  • Individual access may be disabled due to delinquency or abuse.
  • Presence of a safety issue within the enclosure.
  • Access card may be broken or a system malfunction.
  • Outside the operating hours (5:30 AM to 9:00 PM)

Someone was waiting at the bulk and recycling center when I arrived. Should I let them in?
If someone asks you to open the center for them, you should leave. Come back another time. Do not let anyone into the center. You may be charged a fine or costs associated with such action.
If you feel you are in danger, call the police.

What should I do if I witness someone dumping waste on the ground or over the fence?
Do not confront them. Call the police and provide as much detail as possible, including descriptions of the persons and their vehicle. After working with the police, please contact our property manager to advise them of the situation and the responding officer’s name.

Why are there cameras?
The cameras were installed to help monitor abuse. The data collected is used as needed for identification of trespassers and violators, legal cases, and other purposes as needed for the security of our community.

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