Waste Collection Area Concrete Repairs

Last month a letter was sent from Stover Mill Community Association advising of the temporary closure of the Bulk and Recycling Center for concrete repairs. Concrete repairs will also occur at several dumpster enclosures throughout the community.

Repairs to the Bulk and Recycling Center are starting today, and will continue for a few days. The containers have been removed and access to the center has been disabled for all resident accounts. Once the concrete repairs are complete, the containers will be returned and the center will be made available again.

Please do not put your waste in the contractor’s container. This container is for their use during the repairs.

As the concrete repairs are performed at the individual waste collection enclosures through the community, the containers will be removed as needed for about 48 hours, then returned when the repairs are completed at each location.

All repairs are dependent on the weather. Please be patient in the case that any enclosure repairs may be extended.

Do not put waste in any areas without dumpsters. The Association will strictly enforce the dumping rules for anyone who leaves waste outside a designated dumpster.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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