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  • December Association Meeting Cancelled - The Board of Directors has decided to cancel the monthly business meeting of the Association for December 2017. Any urgent business matters will be escalated to the Board by our Property Manager. The next scheduled business meeting is Wednesday, January 24, 2018. Open session and hearings begin at 8:00 PM. Have a great winter holiday [...]
  • Warwick Township Police Requires Solicitation Permit - Warwick Township established a local ordinance that requires door-to-door solicitors to obtain and display a permit during solicitation activities. This solicitation permit is a per solicitor permit, containing their picture and name as well as an expiration date. Fines for violating the solicitation ordinance start at $375 plus costs.
  • Cut the Junk - Junk mail keeps filling our mailboxes, only to be destined to the recycling bin. There are some options to stop or limit this junk mail. Several bulk-mail providers offer a way out, simply by registering your presence at their web-site. Direct Mail - Mass market mailer for many catalogs and other mail-based advertisers. DMAchoice - [...]
  • HP Laptop Battery Recall - Hewlett-Packard is recalling lithium-ion batteries for select models of notebooks and mobile workstations due to an over-heating condition which may result is injury or fire. The affected batteries were shipped with specific Probook, Envy, Pavilion and other models from December 2015 through December 2017. Visit HP's website for affected models and remedy options for this [...]
  • Honda Recall of Portable Generators - Honda is recalling their EB2800i and EG2800i models of portable gasoline generators, due to a fire and burn hazard. The units being recalled were sold by Honda equipment dealers and Home Depot from September 2016 through November 2017. Visit Honda's web-site for more information on this recall. If your generator is included in this recall, [...]
  • Hunter Fan Recall - Hunter Contempo is recalling ceiling fans sold at Costco between January 2016 and August 2017, due to possibility of an impact from the globe falling if installed incorrectly. Model numbers 59174, 59176, and 59180 may have incorrect instructions for installing the globe. New instructions have been produced and can be obtained by contacting Hunter Fan [...]
  • Totally Me Clay Craft Kits Recall - Toys"R"Us is recalling the "totally me!" branded clay craft kits due to the possibility of mold be present in the clay. The mold may pose a respiratory hazard or other infections to persons with compromised immune systems or allergy to mold. More information can be found at the Toys"R"Us website.
  • OshKosh Recall of Baby B’gosh Quilted Jacket - Oshkosh B'Gosh is recalling quilted baby jackets sold from August through September 2017 in Kohl's, OshKosh and other retail stores nationwide, as well as through there online store. The OshKosh recall is due to the snaps possibly detaching and becoming a choking hazard. Visit the OshKosh website for more information on the recall, including information [...]